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Manufacturing is only beginning to utilize the efficiencies of UV LED based technologies—but we’re here to help.

Our experienced engineers will develop a cost-effective, time-saving UV LED solution to help you do what you do best.

How do we know?

Because for over a decade, Clearstone Technologies has provided bespoke UV LED solutions to the manufacturing industry. Whether you’re building sensitive medical devices, repairing industrial equipment in the field, or printing off a million copies of the next great novel—we have the solution for you.

Our products have been used in adhesive assembly, coating processes, and inspection equipment.

Clearstone Technologies delivers the benefits of LED technology in an robust, convenient, turn-key system to be used in ultra-violet applications, such as curing adhesives, coatings, inks and other light-sensitive materials. We also provide solutions to the printing industry providing fast-cure resources for inks.

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