About Us

Founded in 2004, Clearstone Technologies is dedicated to producing the highest quality curing systems with the best in UV LED technology. The company is based in Minnesota and headed by Dr. Richard Sahara , who has his deep knowledge to the field to produce custom and bespoke solutions for the manufacturing industry.

The Case for UV

UV LED technology is a solvent free, green solution for the manufacturing environment. Easily customizable to your application, UV LED allows for spot curing which are a more efficient use of power as well as  present a greener and safer option for the manufacturing industry. Because LED solutions are flexible, Clearstone Technologies can customize the working distance for curing.

In situations where downtime must be kept to a minimum, UV LED solutions have a longer lifespan than mercury bulbs and can withstand intensive manufacturing line operations and lessen replacement costs.

Do you need help deciding which solution is best for you?

Clearstone Technologies is here to help. Contact us to talk to an experienced engineer about your project.