The LN-Series from Clearstone Technologies is a scalable UV LED Light Source that can be customized to fit your application. Our LN-Series products feature an instant turn-on with high reliability. This unit operates on a safe low voltage and exhibits no infrared heating making it safe for even the most delicate manufacturing solutions.



Customizable LN-Series  UV LED Light Source

  • Available wavelengths: 365nm, 395nm, 455nm
  • Light Power/area: 2000 mW/cm² at 395 nm
  • Compatible with CF2000 controller
  • Mounting on three sides for flexible positioning
  • Conservative thermal design for extended continuous operation
  • Scalable design: Can be built in lengths of 127mm, 254mm, 381mm, 634mm etc.

LN-SERIES User Manual (version 05.11.2016)

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