Clearstone Technologie’s CF3000 is a UV LED power supply that has more power than the CF2000. This power supply can be programmed to follow a complex series of power levels, or output channel sequence to produce multi-wavelength, multi-angle, and multi power level recipes. It RoHS compliant in order to be environmentally friendly.



  •  Electrical Output Power > 800 watts
  •  Compatible operating outputs:  48 VDC
  • Compatible with JL3, LN, LB80, and AW240 series LED heads
  • Can drive up to four LED heads simultaneously


  • Case Dimensions 18.0 x 23.0 x 31.0 cm³
  • Power Input: 85-264 VAC 11A, 47-440 Hz.

CF2000/CF3000/CT2000 User Manual (version 05.11.2016)

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