Our Technology

At Clearstone Technologies, we are constantly improving the efficiency of our products. All of our models in Infrared and deep-red LEDs have achieved 50% efficiencies and most require only four volts to start. Safety in manufacturing is our first priority, and none of our products use UV-C wave length which are harmful to DNA. In addition to being both explosion and fire proof, Clearstone Technologies produces products that do not create ozone or contain Mercury.

Clearstone Technologies UV LED Technology can:

  • Produce a narrow spectrum with power concentrated
  • Can calibrated to different wavelengths for curing
  • Help avoid excessive heating and losses due to delays
  • Life span of 10,000 to 15,000 hours
    • Constant power output throughout life
    • Instantaneous on/off (no warm-up time)
    • Conversion ratio from electrical to useful optical energy of about 20%

UV Materials and Process Trade Organization
Radtech International
Trade Association for UV & EB Technology
Tel:  240-497-1242
Email:  uveb@radtech.org
Website:  www.radtech.org

Clearstone Technologies developed lens array technology utilize the power of multiple LEDs on a focused area.  Alternately, the lens array technology can be used to increase the practical working distance from the light source to the target.

We design products for rapid LED performance growth and are compatible with high volume platforms.

Would you like more information on the methods to measure the optical power from LEDs? Contact us for more information.


  • Biological/Medical materials sensitive to exposure to UV-C wavelengths that may damage critical molecules
  • Electrical assembly with LCD crystals or organic LEDs with molecules that are sensitive to UV-C wavelengths
  • Delicate heat sensitive components, membranes, films, filaments
  • Long life UV light source for integration with complex equipment systems

Clearstone Technologies in Manufacturing

  •  Adhesive assembly
  • Coating processes
  • UV triggered fluorescence
  • Inspection equipment
  • UV curable inks