The CA3200 is Clearstone Technologie’s newest integrated UV LED light sources, power supply, and controlled atmosphere curing chamber. Available in 365 nm, 385 nm, and 455 nm light, the CA3200 features automated pressure sensors, gas flow valve, and door latch. The microprocessor stores eleven programmable recipes in memory. Recipes control gas flow and irradiation levels to create solutions tailored to your manufacturing needs. The system is compatible with use of nitrogen gas, N2, argon gas, Ar, carbon dioxide gas or other inert gasses.



  • Clean room ready anodized aluminum outer case
  • 15x15x7.5 cm process volume
  • UV LED light sources on the bottom
  • Highly reflective anodized aluminum outer case for illumination on all sides
  • Prevents Oxygen Inhibition
  • Provides Tack Free Surface Cure
  • Available with 365 nm, 385 nm and 455 nm Light
  • Programmable Inert Gas
  • Multiple Cure Recipes


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