Having difficulty properly curing your materials?

Clearstone Technologies created a solution in CA3100, a controlled-atmosphere UV chamber.

Many materials that are cured through exposure to ultra violet light can be cured faster, and at lower irradiance if processed in a controller, non-oxygen, inert atmosphere. By curing the material in a controlled atmosphere, the problem of oxygen inhibition of the cure process is avoided.


CA3100 Controlled-Atmosphere UV Chamber

Our cure chamber includes an automated gas introduction system that will regulate the gas pressure and coordinate the introduction of the inerting gas and UV light illumination. The gas is introduced into a sealed chamber, to reach oxygen levels much less than 1%. Integrated into the chamber floor are a large number of light emitting diodes emitting the 365 nm, 385 nm, or 395 nm wavelength ranges. The chamber has a large door that opens both the front and top of the controlled volume. The exposure light power level and the exposure duration are microprocessor controlled. The process schedule or recipe can be programmed through the front panel of the system or an included user-friendly Windows driven computer application. The system is compatible with use of nitrogen gas, N2, argon gas, Ar, carbon dioxide gas or other inert gasses.


  • ca3100b_400

    Fully Customizable, UV Chamber

    Prevents Oxygen Inhibition

  • Provides Tack Free Surface Cure
  • Available with 365 nm, 385nm, 395 nm and 455 nm Light
  • Programmable Inert Gas
  • Multiple Cure Recipes

CA3100 User Manual (version 01.13.2017)

Do you need help deciding if the CA3100 is best solution for your business?

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