Clearstone Technologie’s LTR2-Series features UV-LED technology that is both scalable and available in different wavelengths. These models are able to be mounted on four sides and are designed for continuous light power operations. The LTR2-Series products are compatible with the CT2000 Controller.


Instant Turn On, High Reliability, Safe Low voltage, Ozone Free, No Mercury, No Infrared Heating.


  • Available Wavelengths: 395, 365, 455 nm
  • Light Power Continuous operation
    • (Single tile 395 nm version)
    • 96 W total light power
    • 400 mW/cm2 at output window
  • Mounting on four sides
  • Indicator light, blue
  • Compatible with CT2000 Controller
  • Weight (single tile): 16 lb (7.3 kg)
  • Dimensions (single tile): W 9.5” x D 7” x H 6.3”
    (W 241 mm x D 177 mm x H 160 mm) Air cooling for continuous operation

LTR2-Series Manual (Version 2.22.17)

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